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Deaha Internatonal


[ 회사 정보 ] Inquire now

Taking this opportunity, it is a great pleasure for us to introduce our company and products we are producing at the factory in detail as follows;

Deaha international is one of the leading manufacturers of oral cleansing device parts in Korea.
T&T CLEAN is for combined use of water-saving type showerhead. It can remove these left-over food particles and harmful germs, and keep your oral health with gum massage through powerful water-current.

Details of Deaha International’s Oral cleansing device – T&T CLEAN

We have been manufactured and exported a full range of deodorizer with specifications together with all kinds of products on die castings with the high quality, the competitive prices and the on-time delivery.

Thank you very much for your deep concern in our products.

We are looking forward to hearing your favorable reply as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Joo Kim

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icon 회원 가입일   2008/09/15 (년/월/일)
icon 역할 구분   판매상
icon 사업형태   제조업체
icon 설립년도   2008
icon 총 종업원수   11 - 50
icon 연간매출   USD 100,000 - 500,000

[ 연락처 정보 ]
icon 회사명 Deaha Internatonal
icon 주소 충북 청주시 흥덕구 개신동 충북대학교 59-115
(우:361763) 한국
icon 전화번호 82 - 43 - 2613340
icon 팩스번호 82 - 43 - 2733340
icon 홈페이지

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